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Rediscover ancient wisdom
Throughout the corridors of time, legendary heroes emerge, each clutching either a sacred scroll or a unique item they possessed . These Scribes, hallowed storytellers and philosophers have found a digital sanctuary on the Scroll Network—Ethereum's swift and cost-efficient Layer 2. Where the past resonates with the present, their tales echo for eternity.
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Why Scroll Scribes?
As a holder of the Scribes collection, you are not merely acquiring a digital artifact; you are embracing a series of exclusive benefits tailored to elevate your experience within the world of NFTs:
0% Fee
No unneccesary fees. Experience zkMarkets smooth, hassle-free trading with zero fees.
Exclusive Access
Join our hub of collectors and builders. Seek advice, exchange insights and stay updated.
Rarity Tools
Find the rarest NFTs with pinpoint accuracy and Make informed investment decisions.
Unique Scribe
Each Scribe is one of a kind and symbolizes history or digital culture with a unique quote.
Scroll Scribe Collection
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1000 !
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Whitelist price stands at 0.05Ξ
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Scroll Scribes
Scroll Scribes